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Acqua Liana, Ocean-to-Intracoastal Estate


Acqua Liana now blooms, reaching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County, Manalapan Beach, Florida.

Acqua Liana, the Tahitian and Fijian word for “water flower,” was bestowed with its unique name resulting from the home’s calming and soothing inclusion of many forms of liquid serenity.

From its water floors and water walls, to its water gardens and waterfalls, to its pools, reflecting ponds and fire spa, to the ocean beside and the Intracoastal waterway behind, each is found intertwined in a magical and eternal blossom at Acqua Liana.

Acqua Liana is the latest oceanfront masterpiece created by Frank McKinney, renowned for his oceanfront artistry, www.frank-mckinney.com.

The Property

"Sui Generis" is a phrase economists use to characterize luxury real estate at the highest price points. Nothing could be more fitting when describing Acqua Liana - sui generis means "class by itself" or "only example of its kind."

Take a short, soothing and comprehensive video tour:

View a recent Travel Channel feature on Acqua Liana:

Unique Homes, the premier magazine for luxury real estate for over 35 years (serving 80 countries), chose Acqua Liana over their entire inventory as the finest representation to grace its cover and interior centerfold:

Acqua Liana is set upon 1.6+/- acres, and 23+/- feet above sea level, with 150+ breathtaking feet fronting direct Atlantic Ocean-to-Intracoastal Waterway property.

The home offers the unique combination of enjoying a private stroll on the estate's white sandy beach and the ability to keep a yacht up to 120’ at your private dock on the Intracoastal Waterway immediately across from the residence. The property is also protected by a formidable concrete and steel beachfront seawall.

The Residence

Acqua Liana features a first ever glass “water floor” with hand-painted tiles in a Monet-inspired Lotus garden motif brilliantly illuminated below the shimmering surface arched aquarium wet bar (walk below with over 100 exotic fish swimming above) 24-foot oceanfront sheeting water walls 9-foot hand-blown glass chandelier (672 individual pieces) that "melts" into the reflecting pool below 10-foot kitchen and dining water wall double helix glass staircase magnificent oceanfront Hawaiian Koa-wood kitchen and catering kitchen exotic tropical hardwood floors (coconut, bamboo, palmwood, reclaimed teak, etc.) 15,071+/- total square feet 7 bedrooms 11 baths oceanfront master bedroom suite with sitting room and his/hers oceanview baths – hers with mahogany soaking tub and his with steam shower oceanfront glass office glass wine room oceanfront grand salon that opens to the beach dining room that opens to the pool Hollywood-like movie theater air-conditioned and oversize garage with windows peering into pool 2 glass elevators 3 laundry rooms ultra hi-tech home automation with biofeedback cocktails bale' oceanfront summer kitchen meandering and swimmable water gardens classical lounge and lap pool serene reflecting pools waterfall 16-person spa w/ fire feature floating sun terrace special golf course grass driveway mature specimen vegetation 2-bedroom 2-bath guesthouse adorned in bamboo with private lagoon plunge pool and so much more…

Certified "Green"

"This innovative "green" home featuring solar panels and numerous other energy saving products, is truly a home of the future." - Warren Buffet

The above was excerpted from Bershire Hathaway's 2009 annual letter to shareholders where Mr. Buffet refers to a "green" home built by Clayton Homes, one of his holdings. While he is certainly not referring directly to Acqua Liana, he is speaking to the importance of green building as being the wave of the future.

One of the most impressive elements reflected in Acqua Liana is that it is the first ultra-luxury home to obtain triple “green” certification through the U.S. Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Coalition and Energy Star for Homes.

By adhering to rigorous green applications, Acqua Liana now sets the standard for environmentally responsible, luxury construction practices around the globe.

The USGBC’s LEED-H (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes) program is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green homes.

Mr. McKinney and LEED-H promote a whole home approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in eight key areas of human and environmental health: innovation in design, sustainable site development, energy efficiency, water savings, superior indoor air quality, environmentally preferable materials, location and ease of use/homeowner education.

A few of Acqua Liana’s green features include:

* Solar panels, insulative characteristics, environmentally conscious lighting, ultra-high efficient appliances and air-conditioning that cut down on electrical consumption by nearly 60%. On certain days the home will be energy neutral, and will generate enough electricity to run two average size homes.

* A system that collects runoff water from the cedar roof and fills the water garden. The system collects enough reusable water to fill the average size swimming pool every 17 days.

* Ultra-high efficient air-conditioning and purification systems that make the home's indoor air quality 2x cleaner than a hospital’s operating room.

* Use of enough reclaimed and renewable wood to save over 10.5 acres of rain forest. Renewable woods used regenerate at an average rate of every 5 years vs. every 50 years for many hardwoods (one species of Columbian guada bamboo used regenerates by growing 90 feet in a single year!).

* During construction over 340,000 pounds of debris and trash was recycled. Over 75% of all debris was diverted, and will never reach a landfill.

* An automated “bio-feedback” system that allows the owner to monitor resource consumption in real time.

Acqua Liana's significance is receiving acclaimed international media attention.

View recent Acqua Liana feature stories by visiting: http://www.frank-mckinney.com/media.asp, http://frank-mckinney.com/acqua_liana_tour.html or

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