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Exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it good for your body, it is rejuvenating to your mind, soul and overall well-being. While there are a number of traditional gyms and fitness centers scattered throughout the region, let's explore some out-of-the-box options for exercise. With all of the sun we get in the Sunshine State, it's only right to head outside for some of these activities. However, there are a few indoor options as well — perfect for a rainy day workout or a break from the summertime heat.  

Outdoor Activities

Yoga at the Beach

Yoga on the Beach As if the practice of yoga wasn't rejuvenating and relaxing enough, imagine attending a yoga class with nothing in sight but the serene Atlantic Ocean. Take in the calming sounds of ocean waves lapping on the shore, breathe in the fresh salty sea smell, and admire the beauty of a glorious sparkly backdrop while you do Yoga at the Beach in Boca Raton. They believe yoga classes are best done in relaxing and natural environments, such as at parks, on the beach or overlooking the Intracoastal. Yoga at the Beach is suitable for both new and intermediate yoga students. Each month, they offer full moon yoga classes, sunset yoga classes, and workout yoga classes!  


Tennis Many South Florida residents enjoy the luxury of a private tennis court — either in their community or even their own backyard. This is a convenient way to remain on top of your game and stay in shape, as this leisurely yet fast-paced activity will get your heart pumping. If you do not have a tennis court nearby, consider joining a local country club with tennis courts on site. Some of the area's best private golf courses are joined by exceptional tennis facilities! Boca West Country Club has an extensive tennis program boasting more than 30 Hydro courts surrounded by lush vegetation and gorgeous views of their five-star golf courses.  


Swimming With immediate ocean access and a complicated network of waterways weaving throughout the area, South Florida is positioned to be the perfect place to go swimming. Whether you do laps in a resort-style pool located right in your backyard or community, or take a dip in natural surrounding waters, swimming is the perfect way to work out and cool off simultaneously. And of course, swimming is easy on your joints and relieves your body from strenuous pressure you might experience in a gym setting. Some of the best pools dedicated to lap swimming can be found at the Swim and Racquet Center of Greater Boca Raton or the expansive Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex, featuring three large outdoor lap pools.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding If you have yet to try stand-up paddleboarding, you are in for a treat. This sport has gained popularity as of late, as it is both challenging and laid-back, allowing you to experience the ocean, a river or lake from a new perspective. Paddleboards look like a surfboard but are much longer, making balance easier — for those as young as six years old all the way up to participants in their 80s. Sunrise Paddleboards is located along the Middle River in Fort Lauderdale, where you can surf in the ocean, explore the river, or join their popular "Venice of America" tour on the Intracoastal. Work out your core and experience some of the area's most breathtaking sights by paddleboarding with Sunrise Paddleboards.  

Cycling, Walking or Jogging

  Running, Walking and Cycling in South Florida This may seem like an obvious way to exercise, but why not try a change of scenery from your regular route? Or if you're an avid treadmill user, get outside for a dose of fresh air! Take a trip to the historic Jungle Trail, spanning 8 miles along a barrier island in Vero Beach. This sandy trail is included on the National Register of Historic Places, as it was built in the 1920s for citrus growers to haul produce up and down the barrier island. Today, it is used primarily for cyclists, walkers and joggers, who enjoy varied vistas along this scenic trail, from wildlife-dense tropics to river views, and everything in between.  

Indoor Activities

Yoga Studios

Anuttara Yoga

Photo Courtesy of Anuttara Yoga

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with a yoga class at Anuttara Yoga, named one of the best yoga studios in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. In either of their two locations, in Deerfield Beach or Delray Beach, you can experience the revitalizing practice of yoga in their heated or unheated classes. If you enjoy your sessions, you might even escape the busyness of life at their Ocala Yoga Retreat, featuring daily yoga practice and meditation, meals prepared by vegan chefs, comfortable accommodations in private cabins, stand-up paddleboard or suspension yoga classes, wakeboarding, and other activities.  


Pilates is a system of exercises encompassing over 500 controlled, precise movements performed on a floor mat or special apparatus, designed to strengthen and stretch your muscles, in addition to enhance mental awareness and improve posture. Vault Fitness is a wonderful place to try out this unique form of exercise. Check out the schedules for each of Vault's locations — in West Boca, East Boca, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.  



Photograph Courtesy of Nia Technique

One of the most fun ways to get moving is with a dance class set to energized music. Nia combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness to tone your body while transforming your mind. Much like yoga, this holistic fitness practice addresses every aspect of who you are — including your body, mind and soul. Experience something unlike any other with a barefoot Nia class taught by a licensed teacher. Find a class near you for a spellbinding and light-hearted experience!  


Ride Delray

Photo Courtesy of Ride Delray

Ride Delray is an upscale cycling and fitness studio in Delray Beach. Sign up for an exhilarating cycling class, including strength and conditioning workouts to bring your fitness to the next level — whether you want to maximize weight loss or increase muscular endurance. Check out Ride's membership details and schedule to see if this is a good fit for your personal fitness plan and schedule. Their classes focus on a variety of subjects, providing an option for every experience level.  

Personal Training

The Facility Boca Raton

Photo Courtesy of The Facility for Personal Training

One of the best ways to get in shape and have accountability to hit the gym is by hiring a personal trainer. The Facility for Personal Training in Boca Raton is an excellent resource for connecting with a trainer who will tailor a fitness program to your specific needs. The trainers at The Facility have an advanced knowledge in various fields of science and anatomy, as all have received a four-year degree in exercise science, physiology or kinesiology. The Facility specializes in men and women 40 years and older in addition to addressing medical injuries and infirmities.  

Get Moving!

Whatever activity you try out, you are bound to have a pleasant experience with both short-term and long-term impacts on your overall health.

Boca Raton provides an enchanting and luxurious atmosphere for both residents and visitors alike, with miles of sugar sand beaches, lavish estates, and a tropical atmosphere. This sophisticated beach town is a popular vacation destination for these desirable features and many more, including the city's outstanding cuisine. You will find a myriad of dining options in Boca Raton, from fresh seafood to mouthwatering steaks, and everything in between. Embark on a culinary tour as we explore some of Boca's healthiest eateries in addition to a few juice bars for a dose of on-the-go nutrition.  

Farmer's Table

1901 North Military Trail Make a Reservation Farmer's Table Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of Papphoto via Farmer's Table

Adjacent to the Wyndham Hotel, you will discover Farmer's Table, a healthy and ethically conscious eatery. Absolutely every plate on their breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus has been sourced ethically and cleanly, and you will find an abundance of fresh whole foods without excess salt, fats, antibiotics and hormones. In fact, the long list of ways Farmer's Table is committed to all things organic, fresh, sustainable and local is quite overwhelming — in the best way possible. Retreat to the warm, inviting and rustic interior of Farmer's Table, or bask in the sunshine on their tropical outdoor patio.  

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen

399 Southeast Mizner Boulevard Make a Reservation The Farmhouse Kitchen Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of the Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen has crafted a menu designed for clean eating, serving seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients within creative dishes that exude ingenuity with every bite. The Farmhouse Kitchen promotes a farm-fresh lifestyle in many ways, including their Vero water program, a water purification program providing eco-friendly still and sparkling water to guests in reusable one-liter glass bottles. Their menus are filled with a myriad of tasty options, including fresh salads, sandwiches, burgers and other delicious entrees.  

Seasons 52

2300 Northwest Executive Center Drive Make a Reservation Seasons 52 is a renowned restaurant with several locations throughout the nation, each of which maintains a seasonal focus — and their location in Boca Raton is no exception. Their seasonally inspired menus feature ingredients at their peak of freshness, and their rustic cooking techniques bring out tantalizing, natural flavors. Sit back and relax in the casual yet sophisticated setting of Seasons 52 in Boca Raton with a glass of wine selected from their diverse global wines menu. In addition to their regular menus, Seasons 52 offers options for those who are lactose and dairy-sensitive, gluten sensitive, vegetarian or vegan.  

First Watch

21170 Saint Andrews Boulevard #5 First Watch Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of First Watch

Grab a quick and healthy breakfast, brunch or lunch at First Watch, where everything is made to order and freshness is never compromised. While they serve an abundance of hearty options, like pancakes and waffles, First Watch puts an emphasis on their healthy options, such as avocado toast, their superfoods bowl, light wraps and more. Pair your meal with one of their powerful juices, including the Kale Tonic, Turmeric Lemon Aid and Morning Meditation. This laid-back and fresh eatery is the perfect place to kickstart an adventurous day in Boca Raton.    

La Nouvelle Maison

455 East Palmetto Park Road Make a Reservation La Nouvelle Maison Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of La Nouvelle Maison

This enchanting French eatery has both a stunning, elegant interior and superb, modern cuisine. At La Nouvelle Maison, each dish is meticulously presented in an artful manner, made with local and organic ingredients. La Nouvelle Maison, or "the new house", puts a fresh twist on a traditional French restaurant, providing an unforgettable experience for guests. Dress up and retreat to this remarkable eatery for a date night or to celebrate a special occasion.  

Bazille at Nordstrom

5820 Glades Road Make a Reservation Pause your shopping trip at the Town Center at Boca Raton for a healthy and delicious bite to eat at Bazille, located within Nordstrom. Much like their quality of clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories, Nordstrom has a lineup of wonderful restaurants incorporating local, organic and healthy ingredients into their dishes. They do not use hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats or oils, serve fairtrade and organic coffee, and use environmentally friendly products and packaging. This is the perfect pit stop for a healthy meal while you decide which shoes you want to buy!  

Kapow! Noodle Bar

431 Plaza Real Kapow Noodle Bar Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Coulson via Kapow! Noodle Bar

Stop by Kapow! Noodle Bar in Mizner Park for a refreshing break from white-table establishments. This trendy noodle bar serves some of the freshest dishes around, including Japanese ramen, Vietnamese wings, Chinese dim sum and more. Kapow! is the latest endeavor from South Florida restaurateurs Scott Frielich, Vaughan Dugan and Rodney Mayo. Their restaurant incorporates a unique blend of Asian cuisine with a fun French Vietnamese flair, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Dining at this laid-back eatery is an exciting gastronomic experience, and it makes for an excellent pit-stop while shopping at Mizner Park!  

DaVinci's of Boca

6000 Glades Road Make a Reservation DaVinci's of Boca Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of Yulya Opravina via DaVinci's of Boca

It's no secret that when it comes to cuisine, the Italians are doing it right. DaVinci's of Boca is owned and operated by the Carvelli family originally from Mesoraca, Italy. Much like their hometown located between two rivers in Southern Italy, the menu at DaVinci's is divided into two categories — "Classico", featuring authentic family recipes, and "Moderno", showcasing inventive recipes from their chefs, Francesco Carvelli and Chris De Genova. Much like any authentic Italian restaurant, DaVinci's uses only the freshest ingredients and whole foods to create a conscientious and delectable menu. Dine in their comfortable and luxurious interior or out on the airy outdoor patio, while you're swept away to Southern Italy with every bite.  

La Ferme

9101 Lakeridge Boulevard Make a Reservation   This modern French restaurant serves fresh, locally sourced food with an emphasis on Mediterranean flavors. Their bright and comfortable atmosphere provides the perfect setting to enjoy their updated twist on French classics, including Foie Gras Terrine, Moules Frites and Escargots. The local theme continues with their drink options focusing on boutique vineyards, beers from local microbreweries, and hand-crafted cocktails. This fun and refreshing French restaurant is the perfect destination for seasonally and internationally inspired dishes.  


Pause your Boca shopping or beach trip to fuel up with a refreshing and nutrition-packed juice from a local juicery. If you're looking for something a little more filling, each of these juice bars serves food as well! This is the perfect solution for a quick, on-the-go snack.

Raw Juce Boca Raton, FL

Photo Courtesy of Raw Juce


Raw Juce

197 North Federal Highway All the delicious offerings at Raw Juce are created with 100% organic ingredients sourced from local purveyors. Each juice is cold-pressed, ensuring that the vital enzymes, nutrients and minerals stay intact. In addition to their popular juices, Raw Juce serves a myriad of options, including acai bowls, oatmeals, salads and other treats.  

J&J Fresh Kitchen

2202 North Federal Highway If you've visited Juice & Java Cafe and Fresh Kitchen, you will be pleased to discover that the two have now joined forces as J&J Fresh Kitchen. From natural, wholesome juices to delicious made-from-scratch food, J&J Fresh Kitchen provides an array of healthy options. Their commitment to health extends beyond the stomach, as they utilize sustainable practices in their low-impact kitchen.  

3 Natives

1200 Yamato Road #C5

Grab the perfect snack for your beach trip at 3 Natives, which is located just minutes from the water. Sip on a cold-pressed juice or smoothie, dig into an acai bowl made with organic acai, granola and locally sourced fruit, or choose a flavor-packed wrap or salad. Not only do they offer undeniable nutritional options, 3 Natives believes in protecting the environment and supporting the local economy.


Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse

22191 Powerline Road #20B Whether you're searching for a caffeinated pick-me-up, a nutrient-packed juice, or a healthy meal, Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse has you covered. They serve fresh cold-brewed coffee, 15+ cold-pressed juices made in-house featuring exotic flavor combinations, and plant-based cuisine that is minimally processed. Their fresh and creative dishes are so delicious that you won't notice they're raw, vegan and gluten-free!  

Which healthy eateries would you recommend?

We'd love to know! Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

Marble is an age-old building material that has stood the test of time over centuries of architecture, art and interior design. It has been considered an exquisite sculptural material since classical times, as it is easy to carve yet resistant to shattering. Additionally, the low index of refraction of calcite allows light to penetrate the surface, resulting in a waxy look that gives life to a sculpture. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time The material is so highly regarded that entire buildings are often made with it, including the Taj Majal in India. The Greeks built a number of monumental marble structures, such as the Parthenon, the Theseum, the Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Artemis, which was the first of the grand structures to be made of marble. The Greeks were also the first to bring marble into the home, as baths and pools were often lined with this stunning and durable material. Why is marble so common in interiors — particularly countertops — all around the world? Let's explore just a handful of the reasons marble has stood the test of time. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time

Lots of Character

Each cut of marble is unique. Selecting a piece is like choosing an original work of art while envisioning its placement in your space. You must understand where the veining will be located in your countertop and figure out how different pieces might come together. This is exciting! The slab of marble in your home is unlike any other in the world, and you have the opportunity to create your own personal masterpiece. While white is undeniably the most common color of marble, there are actually hundreds of varieties that come in a plethora of colors, including taupe, green, gold, red and black. However, white is considered the easiest to maintain, which may be surprising. More on that later... Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time

This Estate is For Sale Here

Bright and Cheerful

If you select white marble for your countertop or backsplash, you are adding a significant amount of cheerfulness and light to your space. Hardly any natural material is as white as marble, and the organic look brings a sense of nature indoors. Natural and artificial light alike will bounce off the surface, illuminating the room in a pleasant way. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time

Sturdy Yet Soft to the Touch

Marble is both durable and fragile. It is a metamorphic stone formed when sediment crystallizes under great heat or pressure to form hard rock. Marble is not the hardest of natural stones, which means it is softer to the touch and more porous, which makes it susceptible to staining and etching. However, this soft feeling is often preferable, as many appreciate the way marble feels to the touch. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time

This Estate is For Sale Here

Easy to Maintain

Despite popular opinion, marble cleaning is a simple task, whether you are cleaning off the surface or working out a stain. For quick cleaning, you can spread warm water and dish soap (nothing with acid or lemon juice!) over the counter, and for stains, mix baking soda and water in a paste and leave it overnight. However, marble is often labeled as finicky and weak, as stains and etching can occur over time. You can avoid this by making sure to seal the marble right away. Additionally, you can choose the more low-maintenance of the two finishes. A honed finish creates a more soft, matte look, which disguises scratches and etching. A polished finish provides a shiny look that won't stain as easily but will show scratches and etching more clearly. It depends on the look and level of maintenance you want to dedicate, but a honed finish will be more durable in the long run. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time


Marble has the capacity to last for several years in a high-traffic space. It can withstand years of wear and tear, but may capture a few small marks, such as etches, if you're not careful. Etches are the dull spots formed when acid reacts with the carbon carbonate makeup of marble. You may see these subtle marks at restaurants, bars and a home with a well-used marble countertop. Any splash of lemon juice, vinegar, tomato sauce or other acidic items might leave an etching on marble. Note that this is not a stain, but rather more of a scratch or a dulling to the material. Again, choosing a honed finish will help disguise these marks, as they have already been dulled and naturally etched, as opposed to the pristine polished marble finish. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time

This Estate is For Sale Here

Perfect for Active Kitchens

Marble countertops are perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as the material is forgiving and durable. As long as you are not using the surface as a cutting board or letting harmful materials soak into the marble, you can safely keep your countertop from distress. Many use the clean and cold surface of marble to roll dough and prepare cookies or other baked goods. Additionally, marble is resistant to scorching from hot items placed on the surface. Why Marble Has Stood the Test of Time

Absolutely Breathtaking

In addition to the practical reasons for incorporating marble, you cannot deny the breathtaking quality of this organic material and its ability to add an extra dose of class and esteem. Overall, marble is a beauty to behold, and its classic and luxurious style adds elegance to any space. As mentioned, the unique veining in each cut is reminiscent of a work of art. Whether you are choosing marble for a countertop or backsplash, lining an entire wall with marble, or acquiring a stunning marble statue, you will be pleased with this gorgeous and timeless material.

South Florida is one of the most accessible and popular ports for yachters, boaters and cruise lines. Perhaps the most accessible destination from Fort Lauderdale is Freeport, the main city of Grand Bahama, an island located in the northwest Bahamas. This lively and laid-back tropical city is not only close, but full of life, culture and luxurious attractions. Take your large boat or yacht into the open ocean waves for a short trip to Freeport, which you can reach in a matter of hours. Once you've arrived, step on shore to discover the many hidden gems of this town — from luxe resorts to boutique shopping, and of course, pristine white sand beaches. Travel Distance: 96.7 Miles Approximate Time: 4–5 Hours Yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Keep in mind that you will need the following items when entering the Bahamas:
  • Permit (Issued at your first Port of Call in the Bahamas)
  • Proof of Citizenship for Everyone on Board (Passport)
  • Fee During Visit With Bahamian Customs and Immigration
    • $150 per vessel 35 feet and under, for up to 4 persons ($15 per person after the first 4)
    • $300 per vessel 35 feet and over, for up to 4 persons ($15 per person after the first 4)

Need Repairs?

Bradford Marine is one of the most respected names for yacht repair and maintenance. Their expert staff provides technical support, drydocking, painting and engineering service. You may be familiar with this company, as Bradford Marine's main presence is in Fort Lauderdale.  


There are a number of places you may arrange to park your yacht upon your arrival to Freeport. Make sure you make a reservation in advance to ensure a spot at their dock! Bradford Marine Freeport, Bahamas

Photo Courtesy of Bradford Marine Bahamas

Port Lucaya Marina 190 Feet Maximum | Location | Fuel Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort 120 Feet Maximum | Location | No Fuel Bradford Marine Bahamas 400 Feet Maximum | Location | No Fuel Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina 100 Feet Maximum | Location | Fuel (Gas and Diesel) Grand Bahamas Yacht Club 200 Feet Maximum | Location | Fuel (Gas and Diesel) Knowles Marine Yacht Services & Boatyard 75 Feet Maximum | Location | Fuel (Gas and Diesel) Sunrise Resort and Marina 110 Feet Maximum | Location | No Fuel  


If you opt out of spending the night in your yacht, you may enjoy a luxurious getaway at one of the following resorts. Might we recommend...

Lighthouse Pointe at Grand Lucayan Resort

Grand Lucayan Resort Freeport, Bahamas

Photos Courtesy of Grand Lucayan Resort

Stay at the Grand Lucayan Resort, located in the desirable Lucayan district just steps from local shops, restaurants and the Port Lucaya Marina. Lighthouse Pointe is the resort's newest all-inclusive seaside retreat, offering some of the best accommodations on the island in an unbeatable tropical setting. Choose from the Grand Lucayan's selection of restaurants and cocktail bars, and enjoy hours of relaxing in the sun, either by the infinity pool or on the warm sandy beach. Relax or rev up your workout at Grand Lucayan's Senses Spa & Fitness Center, featuring a luxurious spa and plenty of recreational options. Take it all in from your upscale room, facing the ocean, marina or land!  

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach is a spectacular all-inclusive resort located off the beaten path on the northern tip of Freeport directly along the coast. This 26-acre resort is teeming with tropical foliage, natural wildlife and pristine palm-tree-dotted beaches. Luxurious all-inclusive amenities include unlimited food and drinks in upscale restaurants and bars, a freshwater pool and jacuzzi, a theater, lighted tennis courts, a gymnasium, a sauna, boutique shops, a variety of water and land sports, and much more. Each guest room features a balcony or terrace offering breathtaking ocean or garden views.  


Breakfast: The Garden Cafe at the Garden of the Groves

Garden of the Groves Cafe Freeport, Bahamas

Photo Courtesy of Garden of the Groves

Start your day with a bite to eat at the casual and enchanting cafe at Garden of the Groves. You'll have to switch your mode of transportation from boat to car, as you make a short drive to these enchanting botanical gardens. Enjoy breakfast or brunch amidst a gorgeous tropical setting, as the deck overlooks the ponds and waterfalls teeming with lush greenery and wildlife.  

Lunch: Banana Bay

Not only does Banana Bay serve an excellent selection of lunch food, their location is unbeatable. Located on Fortune Beach with miles of white sandy beach all around, this secluded and relaxed atmosphere provides a wonderful setting to enjoy one of their delicious meals, including Bahamian and American cuisine. Make sure you try their homemade banana bread for a special sweet treat.  

Dinner: Sabor Restaurant and Bar

Sabor Restaurant and Bar Freeport, Bahamas

Photo Courtesy of Mark Da Cunha via Sabor Restaurant and Bar

Sabor is one of the island's hottest and most innovative restaurants, with direct views of the yachts lining the Port Lucaya marina. You can expect gourmet meals from this swanky eatery, as their expert chefs create plates using only the best seasonal catches and ingredients. Pair your selection off their innovative fusion menu with a glass of wine, or top off the night with a specialty cocktail. Whatever you decide, dining at Sabor is an unforgettable experience!  


Explore the Town

The oceanfront Lucaya district is an eclectic and lively area, with a marketplace hosting local shops, authentic restaurants along the water, popular beaches, upscale resorts and much more. The energy of the marketplace is full of excitement and activity, and the area is extremely walkable. Stroll from shop to shop, grab a cup of refreshing iced tea or a bite to eat, and spend a pleasant afternoon in the Lucaya district.

Go Snorkeling

Marine Life You may have experienced the breathtaking vistas of the ocean from above water, but there is an entire underwater world worth exploring. The clear teal waters of Freeport (and the Bahamas as a whole) create the perfect environment for observing marine life. Paradise Cove is one of the most desirable destinations for underwater adventure enthusiasts. This secluded beach enjoys direct access to Deadman's Reef, one of the area's most popular places to go snorkeling.

Relax on the Beach

While the entirety of the Grand Bahamas island is lined with pristine beaches, there is something special about Gold Rock Beach. This peaceful and secluded beach requires a drive out of town, but the traveling is well worth it. This hidden gem is absolutely breathtaking to behold, and is untouched by restaurants, tourists and other establishments. However, Gold Rock Beach is no stranger to stardom, as parts of Pirates of the Caribbean and James Bond movies were filmed there.

Go Golfing

Grand Lucayan Golf Course Freeport, Bahamas

Photo Courtesy of Reef Course & Country Club

The Bahamas is amongst one of the best settings to enjoy a game of golf (with South Florida at the top of the list, of course). Pack your clubs before your trip and hit the course at any of the area's pristine golf clubs. Local favorites include Reef Course & Country Club at the Grand Lucayan, Ruby Golf Course and Fortune Hills Golf & Country Club.

Experience Nature

The nearby Lucayan National Park is a 40-acre national park hosting one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world. Two caves are open to the public, although a special permit is required for diving. Travel the gorgeous park by foot on a network of nature trails or embark on an adventurous kayaking tour. Additionally, you may travel along the path leading to the beautiful Gold Rock Beach (mentioned above) for a picnic, sunbathing, swimming or a sunset walk.

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. Although we are fortunate enough to enjoy a year-round canopy of tropical greenery and beautiful plants, this is the most fitting time of year to water fresh budding flowers, trim the hedges and plant new bushes. Get inspired to create your own lavish gardenscape with a look at some of the finest landscapes surrounding glorious mansions in the area. Or simply skip the digging by making one of these estates your home!  

Timeless Beauty With Rustic Courtyard

South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens

Property Located at 2817 North Ocean Boulevard, Listed By Pascal Liguori

We are completely enamored with this oceanfront compound dating back to 1926. French, Cuban and Spanish design elements merge in this historic yet timeless beauty. The calming courtyards showcases a rustic elegance with tropical plants, moss-covered stonework and mature trees looming overhead.  

Italian-Renaissance Estate With Clean-Cut Landscaping

South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens

Property Located at 450 East Coconut Palm Road, Listed By the D'Angelo/Liguori Team

The Italian-Renaissance style interior of this gorgeous estate in Boca Raton perfectly matches its picturesque surroundings. Not only does this property enjoy panoramic Intracoastal views, the subtle yet stunning landscaping surrounding the pool area is a sight to behold. We particularly admire the clean-cut style of the modern grass squares and perfectly placed palm trees adding height and interest.  

Resort-Style Pool With Palm Islands

South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens

Property Located at 75 Little Harbor Way, Listed By Kevin Kreutzfeld

This palatial European-inspired compound offers the ultimate luxury and privacy in a phenomenal waterfront setting. The entryway feels like a tropical jungle, as you pass through a canopy of palm trees and bushes lining the gate. In the backyard, remain in the shade of tall palms perfectly placed in the center of the pool. Even the spa has a palm tree placed in the center, providing ambiance and shade while you relax in warm waters.  

Parklike Backyard Overlooking Lake

South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens

Property Located at 6016 Le Lac Road, Listed By Bambi + Brian Ross

The grounds of this stunning estate have evidently been groomed with pristine care and attention to detail. The backyard captures the parklike essence of Le Lac, overlooking a velvet lawn leading to the community's sparkling lake.  

Stunning Tropical Pool — Inside and Out

South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens

Property Located at 1880 Highway A1A, Listed By Clark French + Cindy O'Dare

Although this regal estate in Vero Beach is lucky enough to have an indoor pool, the resort-style pool in the backyard grabs our attention in particular. Its unique elongated structure winds through the yard, and is completely surrounded by a canopy of tropical trees. After a refreshing dip in the pool or a relaxing time in the spa, explore the remainder of this property's lush grounds.  

Bright and Colorful Gardens on a Lake

South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens South Florida Estates With Lush Landscaping + Gorgeous Gardens

Property Located at 7612 Isla Verde Way, Listed By Bambi + Brian Ross

The elegant style of this stately interior is reminiscent of an English garden, perfectly complemented by the yard's gorgeous gardens just outside. Enjoy picturesque views of colorful flowers, bright greenery and towering palms, in addition to the lake and golf course just beyond the backyard.  

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